Invisalign Treatment Consent Form

Invisalign Treatment Consent Form – Patients must complete a patient authorization form before beginning Invisalign therapy. The form is a legal document that specifies the treatment’s scope, any dangers or drawbacks, and who is responsible for paying for it and providing follow-up care. The patient’s signed consent form gives the doctor the go-ahead to carry out the surgery and safeguards both the doctor and the patient.

Removable aligners are used in the Invisalign therapy.

The patient must expressly consent to the application of the removable aligners before the treatment may begin by signing a consent form. The health and financial details of the patient are disclosed in this consent form. A Fact Sheet will also be included as an extra source of information for the patient.

With the use of repositionable aligners, the Invisalign procedure moves teeth incrementally. Orthodontic research and 3D computer technology are used to create the aligners. Patients typically use the aligners for two weeks. Each aligner softly moves the teeth into the appropriate position. Successful patients will have a straighter smile that is less obvious than traditional braces after treatment.

After the initial series of aligners, there is more refining required.

A series of aligners are used during the Invisalign treatment process to straighten teeth. After the initial set of aligners, more ajustment may be required to straighten teeth. The cost of treatment is determined by the quantity of office visits and length of treatment. One pair of refining aligners is included in the treatment charge for each arch. Patients who don’t finish their therapy could be charged a $1000 changeover fee.

Patients model their aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day after the first set of aligners. Patients should only take off their aligners to eat, brush their teeth, or floss. The complexity of the prescription determines how long the treatment will last. Additional impressions and intra-oral scans can be required in rare circumstances. Moreover, depending on how severe their malocclusion is, patients can need additional refining aligners.

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Invisalign Treatment Consent Form
Invisalign Treatment Consent Form

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