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First Inspires Consent And Release Form – Before you begin participating in FIRST Inspires you must read this Policy. This Policy provides the rights and responsibilities of the as a team member on the student side as well as the Mentor and the Coach. When you are aware of the way these rights and responsibilities are being carried out, you are able to fill out this Informed Consent And Release Form. Learn how to fill it in correctly. Learn more about the benefits of filling out this form.

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To be able to take part in our athletic activities, every student must fill out the consent as well as a Release form. All athletes, coaches and volunteers must fill out the form. You may choose to give your permission form either electronically or as a hard copy. The coach or mentor will distribute the roster for the team and will indicate whether a Consent Form is completed In this case, the row for the student will be marked “Accepted.” If the parent of the student signs the form electronically, they don’t need to obtain a hard copy.

To register for FIRST robotics competition, every team member must sign an consent along with a Release Form. The form can be found on the Youth Team Member System and on paper. To fill out the paper form Youth team members should go to the FIRST Inspires website and click the link which will provide the link. This link will prove that the child has signed the Youth Protection Agreement and is included in the roster of FIRST. It is suggested that teams get two bumpers in blue and red set. If they’re unable to fill out the electronic form it is possible to create a bumper set and then make them interchangeable.


To be a part of a FIRST Mid-Atlantic youth group each team member (under 18) must sign an FIRST Consent along with the Release Form. The form can be filled out electronically using the Youth Team Member System or completed to be signed by the the team’s sponsor. Once the form is completed, form the Lead Coach/Mentor will give a Team Roster the team members of the students and will indicate that the child is able to fill out the form. In the event of hard copies parent or guardian has to take form and complete the form to return FIRST prior to the start of the formal district-wide event.

FIRST Inspires’ programs feature mentors from every walk of life. They share their experience and experience with children and assist them throughout the seasons. Each FIRST mentor contributes an additional contribution by donating their time each week throughout the season to ensure that students achieve their goals. Mentors, like coaches, they aren’t required to take on as big of a commitment as the students have to. When you volunteer to serve as a mentor for the FIRST team, you’ll be providing students with the chance to play like an expert in the robotics arena.


This FIRST Consent and Release Form for coaches is a form that is obligatory for everyone involved, from children athletes to coaches of all ages. The documents set out the expectations for coaches and young athletes and recognize the roles of the participants. To find out more, go to FIRST’s website and download the form. Below you’ll find a short description for each form. Coaches, the Consent and Release Form will be required, as and an illustration for parents as well as children to sign.

All team members of the student team who are younger than 18 years old must fill out the Consent or Release Form. This form can be completed electronically via the youth Team Member System or on paper. The form must be submitted with the form to your Lead Team Mentor prior to the official start of the season. If you decide to use the paper form, make sure to write the Student’s National Team Number on the side of the form. After that, you must return the original hard document to FIRST as quickly as you are able to.


To participate in FIRST’s robotics contests, students need to fill out a FIRST Inspires Consent and Release Form available accessible on the official FIRST site. Alongside the form the students have to sign a parental consent form which can be obtained at FIRST. Parents may also download the form and take it with their children to FIRST activities. Parents must read carefully the First Inspires Consent And Release Form attentively.


If you are planning to hold a FIRST event or event it is required to obtain the Consent and Release Form (C&R) at the request of the participants. Check out the details below to learn about the rights you have as a patron and how the law safeguards you. Utilizing the FIRST Consent and Release Form doesn’t require the sponsorship to be paid however it provides you with some security measures. If you don’t wish to enjoy these benefits or benefits, you can end the sponsorship.


Students interested in participating in the FIRST robotics team have to sign a Consent along with a Release Form. The form has to be signed by each team member, and is provided whether electronically or as a hard copy. The coach or mentor will distribute the team roster and state whether a player has signed the Confirmation as well as a Release Form. If the form is filled out, then the student will be included in the column that is accepted of the Team Roster. If the parent has signed this form electronically, there is no requirement to obtain a hard copy.

Players who are younger than 18 years must fill out an Authorization or Release Form at least a week prior to participating in the competition. If team members aren’t in a position to complete the online registration process, they need to print and send an official copy of the Team Roster to their Coach or Mentor who is their Lead Coach. A Consent and Release form must be submitted to first prior to the first district-wide event. If a member of the team can’t fill out the online registration form, the paper copy of the Consent form and Release form is required to be filled out and handed back to the team’s Lead mentor prior to attending their first competition.

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First Inspires Consent And Release Form
First Inspires Consent And Release Form

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