Ds 3053 Consent Form

Ds 3053 Consent Form – Ds 3053 A consent form is used when only one parent is permitted to travel with a youngster. If the minor is under 18, their guardian must complete field 4 and give their consent. It’s possible that the kid won’t be able to get a passport without parental approval. However, the guardian who is not making the passport application must offer their approval.

Declaration of Consent

The DS-3053 Statement of Consent form shouldn’t be completed if one of the parents does not have sole custody of the child. Both parents must complete this form and sign it in person before the kid can receive a passport. Each parent’s identification card must be included in a photocopy along with the completed form. To speed up the process of getting a passport for a child, the form must be filled out, signed, and notarized within three months of the child’s birth.
The form DS-3053 will be used in conjunction with the DS-11 if the minor is under the age of 16. It is crucial to highlight that, although both parents or legal guardians must sign this document, it is not necessary in cases of sole custody or emergency. To confirm the legitimacy of the consent, the document must also be notarized. The download link for this form is provided below.


The DS-3053 Consent Form must be filled out by a parent who is not present for their child’s existence. Both the absent parent and the other parent must notarize and sign the paperwork. If one parent is not there, the notary may also get in touch with them. Along with the application, you must include a copy of the parent’s ID and social security number. Please follow the guidelines below for additional details.

It is necessary to utilize the DS-3053 Consent Form if the applicant is under the age of fifteen. Both the applicant and the non-applicant must sign the document. Both black ink and legible signatures from both parents are required. The DS-3053 Consent Form must be signed by both parents. A notary public must attest to the signatures of both parents. Additionally, the parent’s signature must be clear and be witnessed.


Minors under the age of sixteen who wish to apply for a passport must submit the DS-3053 Consent Form together with the DS-11 form. It serves as the parent who is not applying’s written approval of the application. The permission must be notarized by a notary public in order to be considered legal. The minor will get the information required for the notarization process from the notary.

A DS-3053 Consent Form must be notarized if the applicant is under the age of 16. Although a notarized copy of this document is needed, a 16-year-old does not necessarily need it to apply for a passport. The form must include the parent’s name, age, phone number, and email address. The signature of a parent must be clear.


The legality of a DS-3053 consent form is subject to a rule. The parent or guardian must serve out the form if they are unable to submit it in person. This form exists not good until it is notarized and signed. Following the date of completion, the consent is valid for 90 days. Both a phone numeral and an email address should be on the form.

When the parent or guardian cannot be present in person to sign the document, the DS-3053 form, often known as a “statement of consent,” is utilized. The date should be structured as MM/DD/YYYY and should include the minor’s name and date of birth. In the scarcity of a parent or guardian, the minor must fill out the form and give a photocopy of their government-issued ID to the notary.

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The guardian of a juvenile who wants to submit a passport application on the minor’s behalf must sign the DS-3053 form, which is a legal document. The non-present guardian is required to complete this form and submit it to the notary public together with the DS-11 form and a copy of the other parent’s ID. It is crucial that you have complete custody of your child and file a long-form birth certification if you are underneath the age of sixteen. The paperwork must be notarized and include a copy of the absent parent’s photo ID as well as a social security card or other form of identification.

The information on the DS-3053 form must be readable and comprehensive, and it must be filled out in black ink. Any information that is illegible could cause your passport application to be delayed. Make care to correctly complete item 4 as well. To make your signature enforceable, you must have a notary public witness it. I desire the data delivered here helps you obtain a passport for your child.

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Ds 3053 Consent Form
Ds 3053 Consent Form

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