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Consent Form Lash Extensions – You’ve come to the correct place if you need to generate a pre-appointment waiver for a patient or are seeking for a customisable, fillable, and editable consent form. To help you in completing the best option, we’ve included numerous possibilities below. We sincerely hope you can discover one that will work for you! Additionally, we can provide you with an editable PDF template to go along with it.


There are two approaches to make a fillable consent form. You can edit a Word document or create a PDF form. The former is an excellent option for organizations, whilst the latter enables you to simultaneously obtain consent from numerous individuals. By including headers and graphics, fillable consent form extensions let you personalize the PDF document. They can also be used to gather data on respondents, such as their phone number or email address. You can download your completed form to your computer after submitting it.

After that, you may print or distribute your forms to your customers. You can use internet examples and templates to develop a unique permission form. For instance, you may add a thorough release of liability and indemnity information using Jotform’s Drag and Drop Form Builder. If you’d want, you can even count a backdrop color or a company logo. You may then alter your permission form to better represent the look and feel of your company.


To guarantee the decorum and security of your salon, you must have an editable consent form. Before a client enters the salon, a thorough health examination is required in addition to assuring sanitation. By emailing your customers an editable consent form for eyelashes prior to treatment, you may save time and effort for everyone involved. You can reduce health hazards and ensure the client’s and the salon’s safety by giving this information to them before the treatment. Once the customer signs the permission document, it becomes enforceable in court.

The consent form for eyelash extensions can be downloaded and printed or saved to your computer. Even better, use social media or email to send your client the finished content. The consent form is available in PDF format and can be printed as well. The form is also accessible at the salon on a tablet or other mobile device. You can sign and date the document once it has been created. As simple as 1-2-3!


It’s simple to design a unique consent form for eyelash extensions. This can be done online, and a copy can be sent to the client. You can also construct your form on a tablet and complete it in the salon if you don’t feel comfortable with coding. Additionally, you can alter the text, select checkboxes and radio buttons, and include autoresponders. You can email or share your consent form online once it has been prepared.

A permission form is a lawful paper that requests your client’s permission before you undertake any procedure. It’s a crucial piece of legal paperwork for everyone working in the sector, but especially for independent lash artists. Clients are protected by consent documents, which lay out all the information they need to know before getting their eyelashes done. Consent documents can be personalised with the name of your salon in addition to being lawful. They not only help you save time, but they also keep you organized.

Waiver of pre-appointment

Each customer must sign a waiver before receiving lash extension services. The client’s name, address, email address, and any allergies or sensitivities to glues and cosmetics should all be listed in this form. In order to guarantee a secure and comfortable experience, the signature is required. The waiver should specify the client’s medical history as well. Make sure to note on the form if the client has ever experienced an allergic reaction to mascara.

The client and the lash specialist must both sign the pre-appointment waiver for lash extensions for it to be valid. In the event that there are any problems with the procedure, this document safeguards both parties. A pre-appointment waiver for lash extensions won’t be required if the client is a regular. If a customer has any health issues, they should speak to a doctor before receiving eyelash extensions.

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Consent Form Lash Extensions
Consent Form Lash Extensions

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