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Cari Consent Form – If you’re a childcare center administrator, you must provide CARIx permission forms with the Division within two weeks of bringing on new employees. These forms are required to be signed by every person who works at minimum 20% of the time during the week in your childcare facility. If you’re not a resident in New Jersey, you’ll need to show proof of residency. For more details, go to this website of the Department. Cari Consent Form.


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A child care center’s sponsor must complete CARIx authorization forms for each new employee working for at least 20 hours per week at the center. New staff members must complete the form in the first two weeks after beginning working. The administrator will then have to get in touch with the new employee in order to give them further details. This will enable the administrator to follow up with the new employee to make sure the security of the children at the center. The new employee must have a clean background.

Requirements for residents who are not from NJ

If you reside outside of New Jersey, you will be required to comply with requirements of the Cari Consent Form requirements for non-residents. This is why you will need to obtain an abuse background check from the state in which you resided in the last five years. If you do or don’t have an NJ social security number is entirely up to you. But, if you’ve never resided within New Jersey before, you are not required to have one.

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Cari Consent Form
Cari Consent Form

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